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Legacy Planning

Understanding Legacy Planning

Legacy is commonly understood to mean money or property left to someone by a will. But Legacy for many would mean to pass “Wisdom as well as Wealth” as an inheritance.

Broadly speaking, the term Legacy Planning should include: Personal Legacy, Family Legacy, Financial Legacy, Business Legacy (if there are business owners), and Charitable Legacy.

So Legacy Planning is not just the financial legacy that you are leaving, but also the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social legacies as well.

Legacy Planning is way beyond money. Many families will not pass down a significant Financial legacy. However, Personal, Family, Business and Charitable Legacy planning can have a much bigger and lasting impact in multiple places to many more people than ever expected, some of which become an influence worldwide.

Why Legacy Planning is So Important

Legacy Planning helps families be “intentional” about the legacy they leave. Otherwise they will be doing Legacy by Default rather than Legacy by Design.

Legacy Planning, which will take time, enables you to prepare wisely for questions such as:

  • What amount will be a blessing vs a curse?
  • Why you would leave any inheritance?
  • What do you hope family will do with it?
  • What form should it be transferred in?
  • Have you prepared family well for what they will be receiving?
  • Should you leaves assets or an income source?
  • Will you leave any estate to charity and how?
  • Have heirs been informed you will be leaving them an estate?
  • What will happen to the family business?

When to Start Legacy Planning

You can start Legacy Planning as soon as you discern there is something of significance that you would want to pass to the next generation. It is an ongoing and continually developing process with heartfelt objectives in mind. It must be prayerfully and thoughtfully considered and regularly updated and maintained. Realistically it is part of an overall plan that probably will take different forms over your lifetime.

How Legacy Planning Differs from Estate Planning

Legacy Planning differs from Estate Planning in its semantic. Some people, to their credit, are very conscientious about planning their estate settlements but unfortunately miss the more important issues of why, what, when, and how you are to receive your inheritance.

Legacy planning is “intentional” about the above and will go to greater lengths to ensure family gets the best of all things including wisdom on how to use it.

Life Stewardship Advisors Provides Legacy Planning Services

Life Stewardship Advisors is a great source for Family Legacy Planning. LSA has grown up as an independent advisory firm with expertise doing comprehensive financial planning form a holistic stewardship perspective. We have become good at what we do because we have learned how to continually do it better over our 30+ years of experience.

A long term relationship is key to this type of planning as it will take many hours over a long period of time usually to get started.

LSA is uniquely positioned to help you:

1. Gain peace of mind by helping you get clarity on what is most important to you.

2. Make sure you developing plan aligns with that clarity.

3. Formulate a process to communicate your intentions to the next generation.

How to Get Started with Legacy Planning

Schedule a no obligation consultation with Michael D. Novak at LSA to help you understand how to begin to get clarity on your Legacy Planning Journey