Investment Management Services in Lancaster, PA

More than a mere exchange of funds, investment management services can help you plan for and live a more purposeful life.

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What is a registered investment advisor? A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is an advisor or firm engaged in the investment advisory business and registered either with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state securities authorities. LSA is an Independent RIA


Investment Management

Life Stewardship Advisors serves our neighbors in Lancaster, PA with Investment Management Services that help maximize return while controlling for inevitable risk. Contact Life Stewardship Advisors today.

The Value of an Independent Registered Investment Advisor

Life Stewardship Advisors is a small team representing an independent registered investment advisor in Lancaster, PA.

Independent Registered Investment Advisors, are independent financial advisory firms that are not associated with any particular proprietary company or broker dealer. Because of this, we’re able to provide Lancaster, PA residents with truly objective customized financial plans that make sense for them, rather than looking out for the interests of a particular company or investment product.

Simply put, we’re here to serve you, not to sell you.

Fiduciary Responsibility as an Investment Advisor in Lancaster

As evidence of our commitment to your best interest, Life Stewardship Advisors serves as a fiduciary of your financial assets. We are bound by law to act in your best interest, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Investment Portfolio Analysis

If you have an active portfolio now, you may be wondering if you’re getting everything you could be from your investment portfolio. A professional investment portfolio analysis can help you identify whether you’ve taken on more risk than you intended, or where funds may be under performing or underutilized. Your investment goals are important to you, and to us. That’s why we provide investment portfolio analysis for new clients at no charge.

Investment Analysis is especially important as you approach retirement. Is that investment plan you put in place so many years ago ready to provide you with the income and the quality of life you’re looking for in retirement?

Investment Portfolio Management Services in Lancaster, PA

Active Investment Portfolio Management is all about maximizing return on investment while minimizing risk. The professional portfolio managers at Life Stewardship Advisors know how to match your investments to meet your goals while providing sustainable returns. We’ll continually revisit your portfolio to ensure the correct balance of growth and capital preservation of your assets, while responding to shifting market opportunities and your own developing goals and circumstances.

Advice for First Time Investors

If you’re a first time investor, you likely have many questions. You’ll want to know what amount of funds you’ll need to begin investing, as well as what type of return you can expect from your investments. Your investment planning team at Life Stewardship Advisors will help you make the right moves at the very beginning.

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We believe that trust is earned, and that investments are personal. That’s why we offer a free initial investment planning consultation at our office in Lancaster. Contact us today to schedule your Free Consultation.