These are those we recommend as both classic & current resources that effectively embody Life Stewardship principles in various capacities. They include reading materials, listening tools and opportunities for active event(s) participation.


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Fit to Serve Tim Powers (Physical)

This very practical insightful read can make the challenge of “physical stewardship” much easier. It outlines why we should be fit through proper rest & nutrition then culminates with an excellent action plan to get Fit to Serve.

The 5 Love Languages Gary Chapman (Relational)

All of us need and express these languages in varying degree. An extremely valuable resource to understanding which are most important to you and the ones you love. *Some have credited this book as the most compelling reason to restoring family & marriage.

Outliers Malcolm Gladwell (Vocational/Success)

Compelling anecdote of success. Entertaining while interesting enough for helpful life application. * Chapter 2 introduces us to the 10,000-hour rule.

Un-Heritage Jerry Nuerge, Ryan Zeeb, Tom Collins, Tom Conway, and William High (Charitable/Special)

A special book - hard hitting reality of mistakes & solutions of passing inheritance rather than family legacy. Valuable for any size estate. *Quality relationships- not quantity of dollars- ultimately define quality of life.

Master Your Money Ron Blue (Financial)

Ron gives you a step-by-step plan for giving & enjoying financial freedom. *This classic is the basis of all his related books currently in print.

The New One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard, PhD (Time Management)

Author of the best selling “One Minute Manager”- updated to introduce the original lessons to a new generation of leaders.

Clutter’s Last Stand Don Aslett (Material) –

An Oldie but a Goodie- one of many excellent resources available to help us become better stewards of the stuff we have & soon not to own!