What is a registered investment advisor? A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is an advisor or firm engaged in the investment advisory business and registered either with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state securities authorities. LSA is an Independent RIA


Feb 10 2020

LSA Team

Why We Do Financial Planning

The reason that we provide financial planning services in Manheim reflects a very sincere, yet naïve, start in our growth and development as a comprehensive financial planning firm.

My inspiration to become a financial planner came by way of watching my father raise a family of 12 children on a bricklayer’s salary, which was consistently filled with income challenge variables such as poor weather or layoffs. As the 3rd oldest I was blessed to actually share some work time with my father in multiple capacities in his prime. Our family knew we were middle class, but didn’t know we were on the lower end. I think we would be in the poverty level by today’s standards.

Despite limited resources we always had a safe secure environment with food, shelter and clothing. Our parents insisted we eat together nearly every night. This kept our family strong especially during some of the most challenging financial times of which I watched my father bear that burden mostly by himself.

All of us went to private grade and high schools followed by most of us going to college. Nine children had braces. Limited major purchases was the norm and we never owned a new car. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized what a remarkable achievement my father’s financial support of our family was.

A Foundation of Excellence in Financial Planning

Despite his amazing example, my father was not gifted with being able to teach me the financial principles he lived. So when the opportunity arose to change vocations, I reasoned that through financial services I may be able to fill in many of the gaps around my father’s success. I felt I may not make it in the field of financial planning, but I will at least learn the foundation of excellent financial planning if only to apply it to my personal family situation.

When I first started, I went completely independent, not realizing how difficult that would be. However, I felt it necessary to be that way in order to be as objective as I could possibly be in potential future recommendations to my clients. Today we are a totally independent registered investment advisor and express a specialty in charitable estate planning.

I have always liked to put order and aesthetic beauty to things that were messy or worn down. I’ve learned that this is what many people’s financial situation is like. Planning became a natural fit and it has become a joy to help people put their financial houses in order and keep it in excellent repair.

Life Stewardship Advisors of Manheim

Today as Life Stewardship Advisors, consisting of like minded people, we are better at what we do because we have spent the last 30+ years learning how to serve our clients by serving our clients.

We have taken our planning to the level of helping our clients with a simple goal to inspire every one of our them to become the best Life Steward they can possibly be through our services and wise counsel.

If you would like to learn and live sound financial principles, and lay a strong foundation for a life of abundance, contact us today. We value the opportunity to provide financial planning from a total life perspective, right here in Manheim township.