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Jan 25 2018

Goals are Good Stewardship

​If you are one of the few that have actually set, executed and achieved a goal in 2017, CONGRATULATIONS! Usually by now you have reviewed your 2017 goals and are planning on the 2018 new challenges.

But perhaps you are like most who have started out strong and now one month later have fallen off considerably. I know of studies that show less than 5% of people groups set goals. And that less then 5% of that 5% ,(that’s .0025 or 1/4%), actually achieve those goals.

Want to be in that group that succeeds? Get a friend, mentor, parent etc to hold you accountable to a goal(s). Make it real and achievable. Studies show that the probability of achieving your goal when held accountable is as high as 98%.

Oh, and its never too early or late to start… maybe as simple as a young person making your bed every day to a seasoned citizen keeping those older joints and muscles flexible to maintain quality of life. Most importantly, the key is to truly be willing to be held accountable. Think and pray about it!