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Jul 24 2017

Do Only What You Do Best

​I heard a message from a pastor this week and his opening statement was, “Teaching and Preaching is a matter of emphasis”. To which I immediately said to myself, “No it is not”. Now to be fair...

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Jul 20 2017

Full Potential is Freedom

The notion of Freedom gets tossed around a lot theses days. Unfortunately far too many people believe that Freedom is the ability to do whatever we want, whenever want, with whomever we want,...

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Jun 29 2017

Passion is Full Potential

​Passion and Full Potential are synonymous. Why do I say this?

Because when any person locks on to the “thing” they really like to do, it becomes their “everything”. And because they...

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May 23 2017

Beginners Investing for the Un-invested

It has been said, “The quickest way to make money is to stop doing things that lose money”. Debt has that uncanny way of making us lose money. It’s usually because high interest rates on...

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May 02 2017


Wellness the Key to Healthcare Reform

A recent study by Johns Hopkins showed that the sickest 10% people in America consume a staggering 65% of all medical resources. Sadly, we fail to qualify that about 9 out of 10 of those are...

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Apr 11 2017

The Simpler Life

Spring is upon us and there is no better season that motivates us to begin to clean up in order to simplify. Scour your yard after all the winter debris, and once done see how much clearer you see...

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Mar 22 2017

College Graduation

College – Who Really Benefits

Since the 1950’s four out of five jobs in the marketplace have not required a 4yr college degree in order to be filled. Note however, some college education such as an Associate’s degree or...

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