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Jun 29 2017

Passion is Full Potential

​Passion and Full Potential are synonymous. Why do I say this?

Because when any person locks on to the “thing” they really like to do, it becomes their “everything”. And because they really like to do it they just get better and better at whatever they do. That is the life manifestation of Full Potential.

But is Full Potential achievable. The answer is no. However, that should never discourage us. In fact it should spur us on toward wanting to experience every aspect of what we are passionate about. It may be a cause, or something that brings you joy or loving God. In any situation it should grow in intensity and a significant by product will be that our lives will get simpler. The simpler we live the clearer we see things.

Passion and Full Potential will help us complete our lives. We are passionate about helping people reach their Full Potential.