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Jul 24 2017

Do Only What You Do Best

​I heard a message from a pastor this week and his opening statement was, “Teaching and Preaching is a matter of emphasis”. To which I immediately said to myself, “No it is not”. Now to be fair the content of the message was good material. But even great subject matter if not presented well will hamper your ability to receive it. This individual had been a very good teacher at his former institution and his sermon outline resembled a lesson plan which could easily have been taught over several days. Preaching on the other hand is for the day and is most powerful when much can be said in few words. Two very distinct different gifts. All of us have been given something special, but when we try to do something that is not our gift it comes out mediocre at best. Stick to your strengths which is where you will have the greatest impact in your spheres of influence. Oh by the way,that is the way to reach your Full Potential.